test•ti•mo•ny / noun
evidence or proof provided by the existence of something

The Mission

iY's mission is to magnify Jesus's glory by providing unique platforms that equip every believer with an opportunity to share their testimony. 

The Vision

Our goal is to encourage an atmosphere where more people want to share Jesus. This is why we have created this platform to magnify His power through testimony. 

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"It's your life" came to me in a dream, but a friend encouraged me to follow through and put his out there, so here it goes.

People can wear the shirt for multiple reasons. Some reasons could be selfish or independent in nature. God loves us all where we are. And I am sorry, but this shirt is not only for the box marked "Christian."

I wanted people to wear this shirt, not because they were Christian; but because they thought to themselves, "who am I living for?" Are they living for their mom or dad, aunt or uncle. Maybe they are living for their boyfriend or girlfriend, or their idea of who they should be.

Once they think to themselves, "who am I living for?", then maybe that creates an opportunity for change. This is the perfect opportunity for people to open up and start a dialogue of who they are living for.

Who are you living for?

I have lived for someone else and it is taxing on the mind/body/spirit. You can never meet the expectations. They are always changing. Its like hitting a moving target. But what if you could be free from constantly having to aim at life like that? What if there was only one expectation upon your life.
One real expectation...

Instead of waking up thinking did I do enough to make them like me. or if you made enough money for that person's acceptance. Or did that remark come off wrong at the dinner table last night.

This is it. People will be people. They will look at you with certain expectations and we are all human and all fall short. Don't waste another minute living for someone else.

For me it became simple. To live for Him is my purpose. Sure I have to make a living, feed the dog, have disagreements with people at work and sometimes at home, but happiness comes when I'm closest to Him and I know his acceptance for me is final and unconditional.

God gave me this vision and I am going to put the shirt out there with no expectations.

This shirt can mean anything the wearer wants, but to me, the shirt means "God, it's Your life now. Tell me what's next."

This shirt is a gift, and if it speaks to you in any way, please share your story by going to Testify, or feel free to mail me the message at the address provided.

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